The Committee is mindful of the fact that fellow officers have been seeking guidance from the Secretary about those they are considering inviting as their guests to Club dinners; accordingly the Committee has approved the following guidance for the use of members.

The primary principle is to maintain the ethos of the Club and avoid endangering or disturbing the welfare, good feeling, honour or conviviality of Club occasions.

No one eligible for membership may normally be a guest except as provided for in Rule I.

Members may not normally invite more than two guests each. Members wishing to invite more than two guests should consult the Secretary who may admit them at his discretion. When a capacity attendance is expected the Committee may restrict members to one guest each.

Guests may be of either gender and should normally be professional colleagues or persons who would benefit from exposure to the Royal Navy Club. These latter should not be spouses or partners unless they rightly belong to the former categories; except for the June Dinner, when spouses and partners are warmly welcome.

The Founders’ Day dinner will continue to be for members only.


This year AGM will take place on Thursday 7 September 2023 in the Royal Maritime Club at 17:30. The guest speaker will be Cdr Teilo Elliot-Smith, CO HMS TAMAR. The event will be a combined in person/ZOOM event. It will continue this new format, but members are encouraged to attend in person. Drinks and buffet will be available at no charge to those attending in person.