Date Dinner Venue Meetings
26 October 2023

Guest Night ****

To commemorate the Battle of Trafalgar


1430 Committee
Britannia Room, BRNC
1 February 2024
No Members’ Guests
To celebrate Founders’ Day
and to entertain the Admiralty Board
Army and Navy Club*
1430 Committee
Army and Navy Club
14 June 2024

Guest Night (Spouses and Partners Welcome)****
To celebrate HM The King’s Birthday and commemorate Operation Neptune 6 June 1944

RY Britannia***, Leith

1430 Committee 

Location Board Room, RY Britannia

17 October 2024
Guest Night
To commemorate the Battle of Trafalgar
Royal Maritime Club
Queen Street, Portsmouth

1430 Committee

Royal Maritime Club**

6 February 2025
No Members’ Guests
To celebrate Founders’ Day*
and to entertain the Admiralty Board
Army & Navy Club*
1430 Committee
Army & Navy Club

* Not a Guest Night. Club dines the Admiralty Board. All other dinners are guest nights.

** Royal Maritime Club, Queen Street, Portsmouth, PO1 3HS (formerly the Sailors Home Club)

*** Dinner for RY Britannia, is at a special rate promulgated separately

**** Dinner notice on homepage will contain guidance on Guests 

Dinner NOTES

  • Time: 6.15 for 7.00 p.m. for all London dinners (6.45 for 7.30pm dinners elsewhere)
  • Dress: Dinner Jacket without Decorations or Medals
  • Cost: London: Members £90 (£80), Guests £100 (£90); Elsewhere: Members £75 (£65), Guests £85 (£75)

Members intending to dine are requested to consult the relevant webpage update:

  • If possible, give at least seven days notice to the Secretary of The Royal Navy Club at the address below.
  • If invitation card to guest(s) is wished for, notify Secretary with the names, addresses & post nominals of guest(s)
  • Make payment of the appropriate dinner charge in advance of the dinner – payment on arrival is undesirable and stands the risk of being mislaid during a good dinner!
    See printed dinner card for payment online procedure.

Pre-dinner drinks reception start times have been advance by 15 mins to give more time for fellowship.

There will be a seating plan for all dinners. Members should make known any seating preferences on notifying the Secretary of their intention to dine, and include any need for pre-dinner changing facilities.


Members are encouraged to pay on line direct to the Royal Navy Club account at Holt’s Military Banking and are requested to inform the Secretary in advance of their intention. Surname, initials and month of dinner should be used as the reference.


7 Sept 23 – Royal Maritime Club, Queen Street, Portsmouth Guest Speaker: Cdr Teilo Elliot-Smith, CO HMS TAMAR

5 Sept 24 – HMS Collingwood, Portsmouth


The Army & Navy Club (the “Rag”) and the Naval & Military Club (the “In & Out”) offer temporary honorary membership to those dining with the Royal Navy Club in London for the night of the dinner. For reservations telephone 0207 827 8029


Notices, with the names of Presidents and Principal Guests, are posted in Service Clubs and shore Wardroom Messes.

You can also sign up (in the footer, below) to receive Notices by email.

Reports of dinners which have taken place are published by The Daily Telegraph.

A list of more recent dinners can be found below and in the archive.

Update Your Details

Any change to your email address, postal address, style or title should be sent to the

Or by post to :

The Secretary
The Royal Navy Club
2 Elston Meadow
Devon EX17 3SZ

Or by phone: 01363 773421
Or mobile: 07749 380332


Recent dinners

Date Venue No. Dining President Club Guests
26 October 2023 BRNC Dartmouth 63 Capt Sarah Oakley Cdre Simon Kelly, Cdr Russell Clark
2 June 2023 HMS BELFAST 58 Capt Richie Hewitt VAdm Sir Alan Massey
2 February 2023 Army & Navy Club 70 Adm Philip Jones Rt Hon James Heappey MP, Adm Sir Ben Key, VAdm Martin Connell, RAdm Anthony Rimington, Mrs Sara Davies, Lt Cdr Tom Loxton
10 June 2022 RY Britannia 95 Captain Gavin Pritchard Cdr Charles Wylie
3 February 2022 HQS Wellington 63 VAdm Sir Charles Montgomery Minister for Defence Procurement, Jeremy Quin MP
Adm Sir Ben Key
VAdm Andrew Burns
VAdm Martin Connell
RAdm Iain Lower
28 October 2021 HMS Nelson 78 VAdm Andrew Burns No guest speaker
4 June 2021 Cancelled due to pandemic N/A N/A N/A
4 February 2021 Zoom Conference 110 VAdm Sir Charles Montgomery Rt Hon Ben Wallace MP
Admiral Tony Radakin
Rear Admiral Iain Lower
29 October 2020 Cancelled due to Pandemic N/A N/A N/A
6 February 2020 Naval and Military Club,
St James’s
76 VAdm Sir Charles Montgomery Admiral Tony Radakin
Vice Admiral Jerry Kyd
Vice Admiral Nick Hine
Lt Cdr Mark White
24 October 2019 HMS Victory 104 Cdre Rob Vitali Dr Nicholas Rodger
14 June 2019 RY Britannia 96 RAdm Neil Rankin RAdm John Weale
7 February 2019 The Naval Club, Mayfair 73 Adm Sir Mark Stanhope Rt Hon Earl Howe PC
Admiral Sir Philip Jones
Vice Admiral Ben Key
Vice Admiral Tony Radakin
Maj Gen Gwyn Jenkins RM
Maj Gen Charlie Stickland RM
Lt Cdr James Wallington-Smith
Mr George Hutchinson
25 October 2018 The Wardroom, HMS NELSON 85 Cdr Paul Ottewell Prof Julian Lindley-French (speaker),
Lt Cdr Hugh Harris RN (Prize winner)
7 June 2018 HMS EAGLET, Liverpool 54 VAdm Michael Gretton Mr Jonathan Dimbleby (speaker)
Cdre Philip Waterhouse
Surg Cdr Harry Rourke RNR
Dr Laura Smith
Lt Cdr Roy Miller RNR

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