of 1765 & 1785 (United in 1889)

The Royal Navy Club (charity no. 248962) uniquely connects officers qualified for sea command in the Royal Navy, serving or retired. It also provides opportunities for members to dine together in order to renew friendships, exchange professional views and network. It has an unbroken history of RN sea command from 1765 and is proud to list Admiral Lord Nelson amongst other significant British naval sea commanders since.

Our charitable purpose is to support needy widows, widowers, siblings, orphan children and dependants of former members.

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Dinner cancellation – RY BRITANNIA

Until Monday night’s understandable extension of pandemic restrictions in England, there was to be an invitation to sign up to a dinner being organised for 16 July in a London club – in itself a replacement for the canceled Royal Yacht dinner on 4 June just past. Sadly that is not to be, and the intention of this post to inform you that, despite the best efforts of the Chairman, Committee and I, regrettably there will be no dinner this year until the planned Trafalgar Night in HMS NELSON Wardroom on 28 October 2021. 

HRH Admiral of the Fleet the Prince Philip, 1921 – 2021

The Chairman has sent a message of condolence to our Patron, HRH Prince Charles, on the sad loss of his father, HRH Admiral of the Fleet the Prince Philip.

“On behalf of the Chairman and members of the Royal Navy Club of 1765 & 1785 we offer our most sincere condolences on the sad loss of your father, HRH Admiral of the Fleet the Prince Philip, yesterday. Not only as our longest serving Club member, having joined in 1953, but also as the nation’s Lord High Admiral, the guiding presence of Prince Philip will be hugely missed by us all”

Founders’ Day Dinner

In these extraordinary times of pandemic restrictions, once again the Club was unable to dine together as planned on Founders’ Day. However, it was strongly felt that this occasion should be properly marked and thus a ZOOM video conference event was held with 110 members attending on the evening of 4 February, with 3 members of the Admiralty Board attending as guests. Excellent speeches were heard by both the Secretary of State for Defence, Rt Hon Ben Wallace, and the First Sea Lord Admiral Tony Radakin; each were also generous with their time and took questions from the “audience”. Formalities were ended with our traditional toasts, with members and guests providing their own drink, although a bottle of fine port  was subsequently sent to our 3 guests to replenish their stocks at our expense.


The winner of this year’s RN Club prize has been announced by the Chairman as Lt Cdr Dan Briscoe. It is hoped that circumstances will allow him to collect his prize, a very smart and fully serviceable polished brass boxed sextant from the Fleet Commander at this year’s Trafalgar Night dinner in the Wardroom HMS NELSON. (Image will replaced upon in-person award)