List of Members

The List of Members was last updated on 14 May 2021.

Members are asked to advise the Secretary of the Club of any error with their entry.

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1977  HRH The Prince Charles, The Prince of Wales Admiral of the Fleet KG KT GCB OM AK QSO PC ADC
1999  HRH The Prince Andrew, Duke of York Vice Admiral KG GCVO CD ADC
1989  Sir Timothy Laurence Vice Admiral KCVO CB ADC(P)


HRH The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, Lord High Admiral, Admiral of the Fleet KG KT OM AK GCVO GBE ONZ HCL QSO CC CMM CD PC

Adm Sir John Forbes

RAdm R F Cobbold CB

VAdm Rory Mclean CB OBE

Cdre R C Moore

Cdre M S Williams CBE

Capt R N Blair CVO

Capt C J Haughey

Capt W E C Perkins

Cdr S V Mackay

Cdr A G A Pogson

Cdr R E Woolgar OBE

Cdr R T N Best DL

Cdr M J Priestley

Cdr A Higham




RAdm A B Gough

Cdre N R Harris

Cdre G B D Lane

Cdre P W H Swan

Cdr N Carter

Cdr T J Green

Cdr J Scorer


Cdr R Goldstone

Cdr C A L’Amie

Cdr W Paston

Cdr B Power

Cdr W Edwards-Bannon

Cdr P M Barfoot

Cdr V Owen

Cdr D Mason

Cdr B Martin MBE

Lt Cdr R Couzens

Lt Cdr J Roberts MBE

Lt Cdr S Reeves


Cdr E G Moss-Ward

Cdr R Hurman

Cdr P Newell

Cdr A Pollard

Cdr M J Walker OBE

Lt Cdr Dan Briscoe

Lt Cdr S Henderson MBE

Lt Cdr C Higgins

Lt Cdr E N Munns

Lt Cdr A Platt



2012Abraham PCaptain CBE
1991Adair A A SCommodore
2000Adams A JCommodore OBE
1966Agar R SCommander
2007Ahlgren E GCommodore OBE
2016Aiken J SCaptain
1988Aitken A JCommodore
1975Ainger J SCommander
2017Ainsley A M JCommander
1987Ainsley R SRear Admiral
2017Aldous B WCaptain
2008Allen P LCommander
2003Allen S MCommodore OBE
2002Amphlett N GCaptain
1999Ancona S JRear Admiral CBE
1997Anderson MRear Admiral CB
1991Anderson S B PCommander
2004Anstey R JCommodore OBE
2004Archibald B RCommodore
1959Armstrong C BCommander
2002Aspden A MCaptain
2008Asquith S PRear Admiral CB OBE
1987Atkinson E CCaptain
1997Avery M BCommodore OBE


1960Baird Sir ThomasVice Admiral KCB
2017Ballantyne C DCaptain
2017Balston DCaptain
2015Baker JCommander
1991Band Sir JonathonAdmiral GCB DL
2020Banfield S DCaptain MBE
1981Bannister A JCommodore CBE
2001Barker D C KCaptain
1989Barritt M KCaptain
1993Bartholomew I MCommander
2009Bassett D ACommodore CBE
1970Bathurst Sir BenjaminAdmiral of the Fleet GCB DL
1982Bawtree R M HCommander OBE
1989Baxter G FCaptain
2005Beard H DRear Admiral CB
2002Beardall M J DCommodore
2008Beattie P SCommodore
1996Beaumont 1 HCaptain
1988Behets B T JCommander
2002Bell A SCommodore
2003Bellfield R J ACommodore CBE
1972Belton C P RCaptain
1985Benbow W KCaptain
2008Bence D ECommander
1993Bennett A R CCommodore DSC
1998Bennett P MVice Admiral CB OBE
1999Best R RCommodore OBE
2002Betton ARear Admiral OBE
2001Bewick DCommander
1977Bickley MCaptain
1983Billson G KCommodore
1965Bird L ACaptain MVO
2010Bird R A JCommander
1979Blackburn Sir TomVice Admiral CB KCVO
1980Blackham Sir JeremyVice Admiral KCB
2008Blackmore M SCommander
2002Blount K EVice Admiral CB OBE
2000Blunden J J FCaptain LVO CBE
2008Blythe P CCommander
2017Bodman SCommander
1993Boissier R PVice Admiral CB
2000Bone D NCommodore
1981Bonner C E GCommander
2014Borbone NCommander
2010Bosshardt R GCommander
2018Botterill H W SCommander MBE
1986Bourdillon M CCommander
2003Bourne C MCommander
1996Bourne R LCommander
2016Bowden MCommander
2008Bower A JCommander OBE
2006Bower N SCommander
1991Boxall-Hunt B PCommander OBE
1983Boyce the LordAdmiral of the Fleet KG GCB OBE DL
1992Bramley SCaptain
1980Branscombe PCommodore OBE
2003Breckenridge I GCaptain OBE
1982Brice D JCommodore
2004Bridger R JCommander
1980Bridges R A YCaptain
2022Briscoe DLt Commander
2012Bristowe P ACommander
2008Brooks G LCommander
2014Brown A SLt Commander
1978Brown C D SCaptain OBE
1992Brown D FCommander LVO
1983Brown E JCommander
1999Brown H SCaptain MBE
2006Brown P A ECommander
1980Browne R de FCaptain
1988Bryant B WCommodore CVO
1998Bryning C JCommander
1979Buchanan M ECommander
2004Buckley P J ACaptain
2002Burke P DCommodore CBE
1987Burnell-Nugent Sir JamesAdmiral KCB CBE
2004Burns A PVice Admiral CB OBE
1977Burns BCommodore CBE
2003Burns D ICommodore
1989Burston R J KCommander
2004Burton A JRear Admiral
1983Bush M E WCommander OBE
1994Butler N A MCaptain
2012Byron J DCaptain DSC
1989Bywater JCommander

C - D


2013Canale A JCommander MVO
2013Capes S GCaptain
1998Carden P DCommander
1984Carpenter NCommander
2007Carroll B SCommander
2017Carter Quinn MCommander OBE
2004Cartwright DCaptain OBE
1972Casdagli ACaptain CBE
1971Casement M BCommander OBE
1997Cassar A P FCaptain
1980Caswell W MCaptain MVO
1999Chalmers D PCommander
1991Chambers N M CCaptain OBE
2005Chandler N JCommander
1979Channon R FCaptain
1999Charlier S BRear Admiral CBE
1990Charlton D RCommander
1984Chilton A LCommodore LVO OBE
2000Chivers P ARear Admiral CBE
2003Chrishop T ICommander
1972Clapp M CCommodore CB
1989Clare R A GRear Admiral CBE
1972Clarke B JCaptain
1995Clarke C M LCaptain OBE
2010Clarke I BCommander
1990Clarke J PRear Admiral CB LVO MBE
2012Clay J CCommander
1992Clayton C H TRear Admiral
1998Clink J R HRear Admiral CBE
1989Cobbold R FRear Admiral CB
1987Cobley C K DCaptain
1996Cochrane The Hon MichaelCommodore OBE
2017Codd JCommander
2019Collins C ACommander
1995Conley DCaptain OBE
1997Connell J ACaptain MBE
2004Connell M JVice Admiral CBE
2000Connolly C JActing Captain OBE
2002Cook P RCommander
2011Cooke J ECommander
1981Cooke J G FCommodore OBE
2009Cooke-Priest N C RCommodore OBE
1994Cooling R GVice Admiral CB
2003Corbett A SCommander
1999Corder I FVice Admiral KBE CB
2002Corner G CCommander
1989Cosby R A de SCaptain LVO
1987Courtenay K ACaptain
2021Couzens RLt Commander
1952Coward B RCommander OBE
1986Coward P HCaptain
2009Cox R JCommodore
2018Cox SCommander
2015Crabb ACommander
1996Crabtree I MCommander
2014Craig R W WCommander
2000Cree M CRear Admiral CBE
1967Cremer D HCommander
2009Cryar T M CCaptain
2009Cull ICaptain OBE
2002Cunningham J GCommander
2000Cunningham R ACommander MBE
1994Cunningham T ARear Admiral CBE
2010Cutt J J DCommander


1987Daglish H BCaptain LVO JP DL
2003Dainton SCommodore CBE
2018Dalton-Fyfe KCommander
1998Darlington M RCommodore
2017Davey TCaptain
2002Davies C JCommander
1997Davies P N MCaptain
1996Davis-Marks M LCaptain OBE
1968de Courcy-Ireland H GCaptain
1989de Halpert Sir JeremyRear Admiral KCVO CB
1970de Winton J FCaptain
1995Dean RCommander
2014Dennis P ECaptain MBE
1996Dickens D J RCommodore CBE
1972Dingemans N FCaptain
1972Dobson Sir DavidVice Admiral KBE
1991Docherty P TCommodore OBE
2006Dominy D J DCaptain
1999Doyle G LCaptain
2012Dreelan M JCommander
2017Drewett BCommander
1994Drummond J R GCommander
2004Duffy HCommodore OBE
2006Dunn P ECommodore OBE
2004Dunn R PCommander OBE
2001Durkin M T GA/Commodore
1992Durston D HCommander
2001Dutton DCaptain OBE
1985Dymock Sir AnthonyVice Admiral KBE CB

E - F


1980 Eades G A Captain CBE
1988 Eberle P J F Commodore CBE
1988 Edmonds G J L Commander
1982 Edwardes G H Captain OBE
2021 Edwards-Bannon W Commander
1975 Elliott D C W Commander OBE
1982 Elliott T D Commodore OBE
1973 Ellis M G M W Commander LVO
1983 Ellison C V Commodore
2006 Elvin A J Captain OBE
2002 Entwisle W N Rear Admiral OBE MVO
2011 Essenhigh A N P Commodore OBE
1987 Essenhigh Sir Nigel Admiral GCB DL
2017 Evans B Lt Commander
1977 Evans D Captain
2004 Evans D M Commander
2006 Evans K N M Captain
2002 Evans W Q F Captain
1998 Ewence M W Commander OBE
1992 Ewing A D Commander


2002 Falk B H G Commander
1988 Fanshawe J R Commodore CBE
1983 Farnfield R H Captain
2020 Feasey I Captain
1987 Featherstone E H Commander
1987 Fewings R A Commander
2016 Filtness D Captain
2010 Fincher K J Commander
1983 Forbes Sir Ian Admiral KCB CBE
1970 Forbes W M Commander
1991 Foster J R C Commander
1980 Franklyn P M Rear Admiral CB MVO
1996 Fraser E Commodore CBE
1996 Fraser Sir Timothy Admiral KCB
2017 Fryer A C Captain
1979 Fulford-Dobson M Captain CVO OBE KStJ JP DL
2005 Fuller M J Commander
2004 Furlong K Commander
1996 Furness S B Captain OBE
1987 Fyfe P M Commander

G - H


2008Gardner J ECaptain
1978Garnett Sir IanAdmiral KCB
1969Garnier Sir JohnRear Admiral KCVO CBE
1971Garnons-Williams R LCaptain
1996Garratt M DCaptain
2002Garrett S WCommodore OBE
1985Gedge T H JCommander AFC
2008George D MCaptain
2014Gillett D ACommander
1993Goldman B A LCommodore CBE
2021/td>Goldstone RCommander
1990Goodall D CCaptain
2006Goodsell C DCommodore
2002Gordon S RCaptain
1989Gordon-Lennox A CCommander
1977Gordon-Lennox M CCaptain OBE
1999Gower J H JRear Admiral CB OBE
2003Graham I ECommander
1981Grattan-Cooper A CCommander
2015Green S MCommander
2009Green T CCaptain
1996Greenlees I WCaptain OBE
1992Gregan D CCommander
1987Gregory A MRear Admiral CVO OBE
2007Gregory I SCommander
1979Gregson P GCommander
1984Grenier P FRear Admiral CB
1978Gretton M PVice Admiral CB CVO
2009Griffin W F GCaptain
2017Griffiths NCommander
2014Griffiths R HCommander
1979Grose Sir AlanVice Admiral KBE
2003Groves C KCaptain
1971Gunning J PCaptain
1984Guy R LCaptain LVO
2008Guy T JCommodore


1990Habershon D BCommander
1981Hackett E MCaptain
1994Haill S J JCaptain
1975Hall JCaptain CBE
2003Hall R LCaptain
2001Halliday D ACommodore
2013Hammond PCaptain
2005Hancock A PCaptain
1998Handley J MCommodore
2011Harcourt R JCommander
2000Harding R GRear Admiral CBE
1973Hardy ACommander
1994Harland N J GCommodore
1999Harris A ICaptain
2017Harris HCommander
1992Harris J W RCaptain
2012Harris K JCaptain
1979Harris M G TRear Admiral JP
1988Harris N H LRear Admiral CB MBE
1997Harris T RCommodore
2003Hart M ACommander
2003Harvey R M M JCaptain
2003Haslam P JCaptain
1983Hastilow R GCaptain
2003Hatcher R SRear Admiral
1980Hawke M G RCommander
2002Hawkins M A JCommander
2001Hawkins R CCommodore OBE
2000Hawthorne M JCaptain OBE
2002Haywood GCommander
2013Headley M JCommander
2000Heley D NCaptain
2015Hember M J CCaptain
1988Henderson I RRear Admiral CB CBE DL
2004Henry T MCommodore OBE
1974Hensher A ACaptain MBE
1984Herington P WCommodore
2008Hesling G LCaptain
2006Hewitt D LCommander
2017Hewitt R PCommander OBE
2004Hibberd N JCommodore
1992Higham ACommander
2015Higham S W JCaptain OBE
2016Higgins PLt Commander
The Hon Sir Nicholas
Vice Admiral KCB
2014Hilton DCommander MBE
1988Hime I MCaptain
1996Hinchliffe P BCommander OBE
1988Hiscock F HCommodore CBE
1984Hoddinott A PRear Admiral CB OBE
2001Hodkinson C BCaptain
2006Hogben A LCommander
1968Hogg R I TRear Admiral CB
2009Holmes J DCommander
2003Holt SCaptain OBE
2011Hopper S MCaptain
2005Honnoraty M RCommander OBE
2017Horn PCommander
2008Houlberg K M TCaptain
1985House R E DCommander
2015Howe JCommander
1995Hudson P DVice Admiral CB CBE
2000Hughes N JCaptain
1992Hughes P JCommander LVO
1997Hugo I DCommander
1994Humphrys J ACaptain
1974Hunneyball C RCommander OBE
1986Hunt G CCaptain
2003Hunter N MCommander
2004Huntington S PCommodore OBE
1979Hutchison W KCaptain CBE

I - J


2018Ingham ACaptain
1976Ingham J R LCaptain CBE
2018Ingham MCommander
2006Ingram R GCaptain OBE
2002Ireland A RCommander
2004Ireland P CCommander DSC


1997Jackman A WCommander
1980Jackson R F MCommander
1987James M ACaptain
1997Jardine G ACommander
2013Jenkins D GCommander
1990Jermy S CCommodore
1993Johns Sir Adrian Vice Admiral KCB CBE
1988Johnson A PCommander
1992Johnson G PCaptain MBE
1987Johnson G RCaptain
2016Johnson SCommander
1997Johnstone C C CVice Admiral KBE CB
1992Johnstone-Burt Sir AnthonyVice Admiral KCVO CB OBE
2009Jones A DCaptain
2001Jones M CCaptain
1981Jones M JCommander
1994Jones Sir PhilipAdmiral GCB DL
1989Jones R L PCommander MBE
1985Jones TCommander OBE
2004Jordan A ACommodore
2013Jordan C ECaptain


K - L


1997Karsten T MRear Admiral CBE
2008Keegan W JCommodore OBE
2002Kelbie ECommander
1979Kelly J SCaptain OBE
2017Kelly SCaptain
2020Kemp R LLt Commander
1985Kent G CCommander
2002Kent R S GCommander
1988Kerr M W GRear Admiral
2009Kerslake R WCommander
1970Kettlewell N I CCaptain
1999Key Sir BenVice Admiral KCB CBE ADC
1991Kilgour N S RRear Admiral CB
1975King P JCaptain
2013King W R CCaptain OBE
1998Kings S J NCommodore MBE
1999Kingwell J M LRear Admiral CBE
1989Kirby S RCommodore CBE
2017Knight D SCommander OBE
2009Knott M BCommodore CBE
1990Knowles J MCaptain OBE
2017Kohn P ACommander
2003Kyd J PVice Admiral CBE


1987Ladd M LCaptain OBE
2021L’Amie C ACommander
2020Lamb A GCaptain OBE
1995Lambert N RRear Admiral
2004Lambert Sir PaulVice Admiral KCB
1999Lambourn P NCommander
1979Lane-Nott R CRear Admiral CB
1982Lang J SRear Admiral DL
2005Langley E SCommander
1976Larken E S JRear Admiral DSO
2013Laughton PCaptain MBE
2017Laverty RCommander
1999Law A NCommander OBE
1986Layard Sir MichaelAdmiral KCB CBE
2011Lea JCommander MBE
2020Lee DLt Commander
1974Lee T RCaptain
1997Lemkes P DCaptain
2009Lett J DCommodore
1969Liardet G FRear Admiral CB CBE
1988Lidbetter SRear Admiral
2000Lilley D JCaptain
2006Lindsay I GCaptain OBE
1988Lister J ACommander
2003Lister MCommander MBE
1980Littlejohns D GCaptain CBE
1984Logan W MCommander
2003Long A DCommander
1979Loughran T WRear Admiral CB
2015Lovell JCommander
1971Lowe F DCaptain
1996Lowe T MRear Admiral CBE QCVS
2006Lower I SRear Admiral CB OBE
2006Lowther J MCommander
2009Lynn I HCaptain OBE

M - N


1999 MacDonald I J Commander
1996 MacDonald J D O Commander
2008 MacDonald-Robinson N U S Captain
1991 MacGregor C L Captain
2002 Mackay G A Rear Admiral CBE
2005 MacKenzie I D Captain
2010 Mackey M C Commander
2010 Mackinnon D J Commander
1997 MacPherson M D Commodore OBE
1989 Malbon Sir Fabian Vice Admiral KBE
1979 Malec J G Commander OBE
2014 Manning M G B Commodore AFC JP
1996 Mansergh M P Commodore CBE
1998 Mansergh R J Commodore OBE
2017 Marriott M J Commander
2017 Marshall A J Commander
2015 Martin D C S Commander
2014 Martyn D Commander
1993 Mason M M D Commander
1996 Massey Sir Alan Vice Admiral KCB CBE
1981 Masterman T M Captain
2005 Masters J C Commander
2000 Mathias P B Rear Admiral MBE
1999 Matthews D N Commander MBE
1989 Matthews P Commander
2006 May N P Commander
2001 McAlpine P A Rear Admiral CBE
1980 McAnally J H S Vice Admiral CB LVO
1997 McBarnet T F Captain
1998 McCartain M B W Captain OBE
2004 McCathie V J Commander
1987 McClement Sir Timothy Vice Admiral KCB OBE
1991 McCready G A R Captain MBE
1987 McEwen A G Captain
2003 McGhie I A Captain
1978 McKnight W C Captain LVO
1970 McLeod W H H Captain OBE
2000 McMichael-Phillips S J Captain
2001 McNeile R H Commander
2002 McQuaker S R Captain
1965 Melly W H Commander
1993 Mervik C F Captain OBE
2017 Meyer A J Commander
2001 Milburn P K Captain OBE
2015 Miller A J G Commodore CBE
1987 Milnes J L Commodore
2001 Mitchell H G M Commander
1985 Mitford T B Commander
1992 Moncrieff I Rear Admiral CBE
1988 Money R I Commander
1997 Montgomery Sir Charles Vice Admiral KBE
2010 Moore P H G Commander
2014 Moore S K Commander
1999 Moore S Rear Admiral CB
1987 Moore Sir Michael Vice Admiral KBE LVO
2010 Moorhouse S M R Commodore OBE
1997 Moores J K Commodore OBE
2001 Morgan P T Captain DSC
1976 Morgan Sir Christopher Vice Admiral KBE
1993 Morisetti N Rear Admiral CB
2003 Morley J D Rear Admiral
1991 Morris D S Captain
1985 Morrison C J N Captain
1991 Morrow A J C Commodore CVO
1997 Morse J A Rear Admiral CB
1985 Morton T Commodore
2005 Moss R A Captain
2022 Moss-Ward E G Commander
1981 Mosse P J Commander
1989 Mowlam D J M Commodore
2002 Munns C R Commodore
2022 Munns E N Lt Commander
2005 Murgatroyd A C Commander MBE
1998 Murnane P M Commander MBE
1996 Murphie J D D Captain


2002 Nail V A Captain
1990 Nance A R Commodore OBE
2011 Neild T Commodore CBE
2006 Newland M I Commander
2022 Newell P Commander
1971 Newman Sir Roy Vice Admiral KCB JP DL
2000 Newton G A Captain
2002 Nisbet J H T Captain
1990 Nixon M C Captain OBE
2019 Norman M J Commander OBE AFC
2019 Northover A F Commander
2004 Northwood G R Commander

O - P


2017 Oakley S E Captain
1975 O’Brien D M Commander
2018 O’Driscoll J F Lt Commander MBE
2008 O’Flaherty C P J Captain
2004 Olive P N Commodore OBE
2016 O’Neill C Commander
1974 O’Riordan J P B Rear Admiral CBE DL
2009 O’Sullivan M L J Commander
2013 Ottewell P S Captain
2017 Owen S T L Commander


1973 Palastre R W Commander MBE
2019 Palin G Commander
1991 Palmer C L Commodore CBE
1994 Parkes R J Commander
2010 Parkin J M B Rear Admiral CBE
2003 Parr M J Rear Admiral CB
1989 Parris K J Commander
1989 Parry C J Rear Admiral CBE
2010 Parsons A D Commander
2021 Paston W Commander
2011 Paterson M P Captain
2015 Patterson J D Commander
1982 Paul T W Commander MBE
2008 Payne J D Commander
2001 Payne R C Captain
1995 Peach C C Commodore
1981 Pearson J J Captain
2000 Pearson S J Commodore
2011 Pedre R G Commodore
2000 Pegg R M Captain OBE
1980 Penny J Commander
2003 Pentreath J P Rear Admiral CB OBE
1998 Percharde M R Commander
1996 Perkins M J Captain
2005 Perks J Le S Commodore CBE
1989 Perowne B B Rear Admiral CB
1988 Perowne Sir James Admiral KBE
1980 Peters A R Captain
2009 Petherick J S Commander
2006 Pethybridge R A Commander
2004 Pettitt G W Captain
2003 Phillips D G Commander
1982 Phillips R T R Rear Admiral CB
2008 Pierce A K M Captain
1973 Pinches P G Commander
2009 Pitcher P P Captain
2022 Platt A Lt Commander
2004 Poole J L Captain OBE
2000 Porter S P Captain
1995 Potts D L Vice Admiral CB
1993 Poulter A M Captain OBE
2000 Powell R L Commodore OBE
2021 Power B Commander
2000 Powis J Commander
1980 Powlett H A E Commander
1979 Preece R A Commander
2013 Pressdee S J Commander
1981 Pringle M S Commander
2000 Pritchard G S Captain OBE
1973 Provest A G M A Captain

Q - R - S



2010Rackham A D HCommander
2005Radakin A DAdmiral KCB CB ADC
2011Rae D GCaptain
1996Ramsay G PCommander
1978Rankin N ERear Admiral CB CBE JP
1987Rapp J CRear Admiral CB
1970Rawlinson M J FCaptain OBE
2017Ray LCommander
1987Raymond B ACommander
1973Read J B DCaptain
2018Readwin RCommodore
2013Redmayne M ELt Commander
2000Reed A WCaptain OBE
2021Reeves SLt Commander
1984Rhys-Jones GCommander
1997Richards A DVice Admiral CB
1997Richards C MCommodore CBE
1975Richardson A BRear Admiral CB
1992Rimington J ACaptain
1997Rimmer MCommander
2010Ripley B ECommander
1997Rix A JRear Admiral CB
2001Roberts I TCommander OBE
2021Roberts JLieutenant Commander
1962Roberts J ORear Admiral CB
2004Robertson D CCaptain
1997Robertson K FCommander MBE
1987Robertson N D VCaptain
2005Robinson C PCaptain MBE
2001Robinson G ARear Admiral OBE
1980Robinson G D BCaptain
2018Robinson M CLt Commander
2017Robinson M HLt Commander
1987Roddis C WCaptain
2017Rogers S J PCommander
2006Romney P DCommander
1990Rose ACommander OBE
1985Ross A BRear Admiral CB CBE
1973Rowe Sir PatrickRear Admiral KCVO CBE
2016Rowlands KCaptain
2012Ruddock G W DCaptain
2009Russell PCaptain


1975Salwey B DCaptain
1979Sanders J TRear Admiral CB OBE
1988Sanderson R DCommander
1997Sanguinetti H RCommodore
1990Sant M JCaptain
1969Saunders Watson L M MCommander CBE DL
2007Savage M RCommander OBE
1997Scorer S JCommodore
1991Searle R JCommander
1996Seatherton E F KCommander MBE
1989Seymour R PCommander AFC
2000Shacklock N BCommander
2013Sharpe T GCommander OBE
2017Shaughnessy TCommander
2005Shaw N BCommander
2000Shaw P A GCommander MBE
2007Shepherd C SCommander
1979Shercliffe R FCaptain
2002Shield S JCommander
1996Sillars M CCommander MVO
2007Simpson M JCommander
1972Slater Sir JockAdmiral GCB LVO DL
1984Sloane T J KCommander OBE
1993Slowe K D JCommander
2000Smallman L DCommander
2017Smith BCommander
1987Snelson D GRear Admiral CB
1993Snow C ARear Admiral CBE
1996Soar Sir TrevorAdmiral KCB OBE
1989Somerville A J DCommodore
2008Southorn M DCommander
2003Sparkes P JRear Admiral
2013Spencer A CCommander
2008Stacey A MCommodore
2006Staley S P LCommander
2004Stallion I MCaptain
1995Stanford J HCommodore
1989Stanhope Sir MarkAdmiral GCB OBE DL
2001Stanley C ECommander
1982Steiner A St JCommander OBE
2006Stevens B JCommander
1990Stevens R PRear Admiral CB
1999Stewart A CCommander OBE
1997Stewart R GCaptain
2000Stockings T MCaptain
2002Stockman C DCaptain
1985Stone P DCaptain CBE
2017Stowell P I MCommander
1998Strange R FCaptain
2013Stroude P ACaptain
1988Style C RVice Admiral CBE
1979Sunter T L MCaptain DL
2004Sutcliffe JCommander
1976Sutermeister P RCommodore
2005Swain A VCommander MBE
1992Swain D MCaptain
1993Swan P W HCommodore
2004Swarbrick R JCommander
2019Sykes M JCommander
2011Syrett M ECaptain

T - U


2000Talbot R PCommander
1985Tall D MCaptain OBE
2002Tall J JCommander OBE
2014Tanner R CCommander
1993Tarr M DCaptain OBE
2003Tarrant R KRear Admiral CB
1992Tatman A KCommander
1982Taylor A J SCommodore CBE
1979Taylor J BCommodore OBE
1982Taylor SCaptain
1981Taylor T SCaptain
2007Tebbet P NCommander
2007Tetlow H SCommander
1997Thicknesse P JCommodore
2015Thomas DCommander
2002Thomas G CCaptain OBE
2001Thomas P GCommander
2002Thomas R KCaptain
2001Thomas R A ACaptain MBE
1994Thomas S ACaptain
2001Thomson A W VCommander OBE
1986Thorpe ICaptain
1988Tighe J G HCommodore OBE
2015Tilden P J ECaptain
1999Tilley D S JCommander
2004Tindal N H CCommodore
2002Titcomb M RCaptain OBE
1982Titmus G DCommander
2008Titterton P JCommodore CBE
2017Tredray T PCommander
1985Trentham A BCommander
1974Trinder J F SCaptain CBE
1982Tuffley C RCaptain LVO
1977Tullis G MCaptain CBE
2002Turnbull S J LCommander
1974Turner B WCaptain
2001Turner D BCommander MBE
1998Turner R MCaptain CBE
1991Twitchen R CCommodore CBE


1992Underwood A G HCommander
2013Unwin N R FCommander
2006Upright S WCaptain
2006Utley M KRear Admiral CB, OBE

V - W


2018 Vickery B Commander
2017 Visram A Lt Commander
2004 Vitali R C Commodore


1987 Waite C W Commodore
1986 Walker P J Captain CBE
2018 Walker S P Commander
1995 Wallace G W A Captain AFC
2007 Wallace M R B Commodore CBE
2010 Wallace S J Commander
2006 Waller S A Commander
1999 Walliker M J D Commodore CBE
2019 Wallington-Smith J Commander
2002 Wallis A J Captain
1975 Wallis D A Captain
1991 Walpole P K Commodore
1967 Walton J M N Commander
2016 Ware P Lt Commander
2003 Warrender W J Rear Admiral CBE
2001 Warwick P D Commodore
2005 Washer N B J Commodore
1988 Watson P H Captain
2006 Watt A J L Captain OBE
2017 Watts R Commander
2003 Weale J S Rear Admiral CB OBE
2018 Weaver T H Commander
1993 Welborn C G Captain
1995 Wellesley R C R Captain OBE
1980 West the Lord Admiral GCB DSC PC
1985 Westberg N Captain
2000 Westbrook J S Rear Admiral CBE
1994 Westwood M W Commodore
1972 Whelan M F Commander OBE
2002 White J A P Captain
2020 White M T Lt Commander
1991 Whitehouse I R Commander
1973 Whiteside R C Commander OBE
1989 Wilcocks P L Rear Admiral CB DSC
2010 Wilkinson D H Commander OBE
1993 Wilkinson P J Vice Admiral CVO
1996 Williams B N B Rear Admiral CBE
2013 Williams A S Captain
2015 Williams C N O Commander
1974 Williams C W Captain OBE
1995 Williams N D B Commander
1985 Williams R M Commodore
1998 Williams S P Rear Admiral CB CVO
1996 Williams S T Rear Admiral KCB OBE
1991 Williams T N E Captain
2006 Williamson T J L Commodore MVO
1976 Willis D O Commander DSC
1987 Willmett A M Commodore
2014 Wilson A J Captain
2008 Wilson D R Commander
1978 Wilson G A S C Captain
2003 Winstanley K Commodore MBE
2000 Wolfe D E Commodore
2006 Wood C Commodore CBE
1996 Wood J N A Commander
2017 Wood M L Captain MBE
1975 Woodard Sir Robert Rear Admiral KVCO DL
1985 Woodhead Sir Peter Vice Admiral KCB
2003 Woods J B Commander
1977 Woods T E Commander OBE
1995 Wotton J C L Captain
1984 Wraith R S Captain CBE
1987 Wright J W T Captain
1989 Wykes-Sneyd R J S Commander AFC
1975 Wylie C G Commander OBE
2017 Wyper J Commander OBE

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1983Yarker T JCommander
2017Yates S ECommander



1994Zambellas Sir GeorgeAdmiral GCB DSC DL