The Royal Navy Club of 1765 and 1785 (United 1889)

A Registered Charity No. 248962

AIM TO SUPPORT NEEDY WIDOWS AND DEPENDANTS OF FORMER MEMBERS _________________________________________________

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The list is now open for this key occasion in the Club’s calendar, when we dine the Admiralty Board as our guests (the only guests permitted that night); both the First Sea Lord and senior minister present speak. The Royal Navy Club Annual Prize will once again be presented by the First Sea Lord to the student who performed best at the 2017 CQ2 Board.


Members are kindly informed that the club office is located at the home of the Secretary, Commander Brian P Boxall-Hunt OBE Royal Navy. The office is manned on 2 weeks days, usually Thursday and Friday, and Saturday morning. Sometimes Monday, but emails are monitored 7 days. For urgent need to communicate with the Secretary, try Club landline or his mobile 07749 380338.

2 Elston Meadow
Devon EX17 3SZ

Telephone 01363 773421

The office is not manned 7 days a week, but an ansaphone is connected. For urgent business please contact the secretary on his mobile 07749 380338.

Email; and emails are monitored daily.



The Club banks with Holts Military bank, account details of which are on the reverse of the dinner card posted to members annually in September. Members wishing to pay dinner charges online are reminded that the reference to be used for such transactions is their name, initials and the month(s) of the relevant dinner(s)   e.g. SomebodyABJunOct.

250th Anniversary

Click here to enlargeThe new, smart club tie especially produced for our 250th year  is dark navy blue silk with ship motifs representing a first rate ship of the line of 1765 and a type 45 destroyer for 2015. Available from the secretary at £20 inc P&p.

An excellent Historical Memoir booklet has been produced which traces the club history. Available from the secretary for £5 inc P&p.

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The Committee is mindful of the fact that brother officers have been seeking guidance from the Secretary about those they are considering inviting as their guests to Club dinners; accordingly the Committee has approved the following guidance for the use of members. The primary principle is to maintain the ethos of the Club and avoid endangering or disturbing the welfare, good feeling, honour or conviviality of Club occasions.

No one eligible for membership may normally be a guest except as provided for in Rule I.

Members may not normally invite more than two guests each. Members wishing to invite more than two guests should consult the Secretary who may admit them at his discretion. When a capacity attendance is expected the Committee may restrict members to one guest each.

Guests may be of either gender and should normally be professional colleagues or persons who would benefit from exposure to the Royal Navy Club. These latter should not be spouses or partners unless they rightly belong to the former categories; except for the June Dinner, when spouses and partners are warmly welcome.

The Founders' Day dinner will continue to be for members only.


The Royal Navy Club has introduced an annual prize very much associated with our core ethos of sea command. It recognises the student performed best at the Command Qualification 2 (CQ2) Board, including the ubiquitous Rule of the Road ( the current day equivalent of sea command exams many of the membership may remember with fondness!). The first prize, a very smart polished brass sextant in box,was awarded to Lt Cdr Louise Ray RN, on her way to MCM command, and presented to her by the First Sea Lord in Trinity House at the Founders Day dinner 2017.

The First Sea Lord, Admiral Sir Philip Jones, presents the Royal Navy Club Prize 2016 to
Lt Cdr Louise Ray RN at the annual Founders’ Day dinner 2 February 2017