The Royal Navy Club of 1765 and 1785 (United 1889)

A Registered Charity No. 248962

AIM TO SUPPORT NEEDY WIDOWS AND DEPENDANTS OF FORMER MEMBERS _________________________________________________

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List of Members













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2009 Gale S P Commander
2008 Gardner J E Commander
1978 Garnett Sir Ian Admiral KCB
1969 Garnier Sir John Rear Admiral KCVO CBE
1971 Garnons-Williams R L Captain
1996 Garratt M D Captain
2010 Garratt J K Commander
2002 Garrett S W Commodore OBE
1985 Gedge T H J Commander AFC
2008 George D M Commander
1977 Gerard-Pearse F R S Rear Admiral CB
2014 Gillett D A Lieutenant Commander
1978 Godfrey A R Commander
1993 Goldman B A L Commodore CBE
1990 Goodall D C Captain
2006 Goodsell C D Commander
2002 Gordon S R Captain
1989 Gordon-Lennox A C Commander
1977 Gordon-Lennox M C Captain OBE
1990 Gough A B Rear Admiral CB
1999 Gower J H J Rear Admiral CB OBE
2003 Graham I E Commander
1961 Graham W J Rear Admiral CB
1981 Grattan-Cooper A C Commander
2015 Green S M Commander
2009 Green T C Commander
2015 Green T J Commander
1996 Greenlees I W Captain OBE
1992 Gregan D C Commander
1987 Gregory A M Rear Admiral OBE
2007 Gregory I S Commander
1979 Gregson P G Commander
1984 Grenier P F Rear Admiral CB
1978 Gretton M P Vice Admiral CVO
2009 Griffin W F G Captain
2014 Griffiths R H Commander
1979 Grose Sir Alan Vice Admiral KBE
2003 Groves C K Captain
1971 Gunning J P Captain
1984 Guy R L Captain LVO
2008 Guy T J Captain


1990 Habershon D B Commander
1981 Hackett E M Captain
1980 Haddacks Sir Paul Vice Admiral KCB
1994 Haill S J J Captain
1975 Hall J Captain CBE
2003 Hall R L Captain
2001 Halliday D A Commodore
1974 Hamilton-Jones P N Captain
2013 Hammond P Commander
2005 Hancock A P Captain
1998 Handley J M Commodore
2011 Harcourt R J Commander
2000 Harding R G Rear Admiral CBE
1973 Hardy A Commander
1994 Harland N J G Commodore
1981 Harland P A C Captain OBE
1999 Harris A I Captain
1992 Harris J W R Captain
2012 Harris K J Captain
1979 Harris M G T Rear Admiral JP
1988 Harris N H L Rear Admiral CB MBE
1979 Harris N R Commodore
1997 Harris T R Commodore
2003 Hart M A Commander
1974 Hart-Dyke D Captain CBE LVO
2003 Harvey R M M J Commander
2003 Haslam P J Captain
1983 Hastilow R G Captain
2003 Hatcher R S Captain
1980 Hawke M G R Commander
2002 Hawkins M A J Commander
2001 Hawkins R C Commodore OBE
2000 Hawthorne M J Captain OBE
2002 Haywood G Commander
2013 Headley M J Lieutenant Commander
2000 Heley D N Captain
2015 Hember M Commander
1988 Henderson I R Rear Admiral CB CBE DL
1993 Hennessey T P D Captain
2004 Henry T M Captain
1974 Hensher A A Captain MBE
1984 Herington P W Commodore
2008 Hesling G L Commander
2006 Hewitt D L Commander
2004 Hibberd N J Captain
1992 Higham A Commander
2015 Higham S W J Commander
2016 Higgins P Lt Commander
1994 Hildesley T I Commander OBE
1967 Hill J R Rear Admiral
1974 Hill-Norton
The Hon Sir Nicholas
Vice Admiral KCB
2014 Hilton D Commander
1988 Hime I M Captain
1996 Hinchliffe P B Commander OBE
1988 Hiscock F H Commodore CBE
1984 Hoddinott A P Rear Admiral CB OBE
2001 Hodkinson C B Captain
2006 Hogben A L Commander
1989 Hogg A J M Commodore AFC
1968 Hogg R I T Rear Admiral CB
2009 Holmes J D Commander
2003 Holt S Captain OBE
2011 Hopper S M Captain
2005 Honnoraty M R Commander OBE
2008 Houlberg K M T Captain
1985 House R E D Commander
2015 Howe J Commander
1989 Howeson C A Commander
1995 Hudson P D Vice Admiral CB CBE
2000 Hughes N J Captain
1992 Hughes P J Commander LVO
1997 Hugo I D Commander
1994 Humphrey D A Commander
1994 Humphrys J A Captain
1974 Hunneyball C R Commander OBE
1986 Hunt G C Captain
2003 Hunter N M Commander
2004 Huntington S P Captain OBE
1979 Hutchison W K Captain CBE