The Royal Navy Club of 1765 and 1785 (United 1889)

A Registered Charity No. 248962

AIM TO SUPPORT NEEDY WIDOWS AND DEPENDANTS OF FORMER MEMBERS _________________________________________________

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List of Members













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2012 Abraham P Captain CBE
1991 Adair A A S Commodore
2000 Adams A J Commodore OBE
1966 Agar R S Commander
2007 Ahlgren E G Commodore OBE
2016 Aiken A J Commander
1988 Aitken J S Commander
1975 Ainger J S Commander
2017 Ainsley A M J Commander
1987 Ainsley R S Rear Admiral
2017 Aldous B W Commander
2008 Allen P L Commander
2003 Allen S M Commodore OBE
2002 Amphlett N G Captain
1999 Ancona S J Rear Admiral CBE
1997 Anderson M Rear Admiral CB
1991 Anderson S B P Commander
2004 Anstey R J Commodore
2004 Archibald B R Commodore
1959 Armstrong C B Commander
2002 Aspden A M Captain
2008 Asquith S P Commodore OBE
1987 Atkinson E C Captain
1997 Avery M B Commodore OBE


1960 Baird Sir Thomas Vice Admiral KCB
2017 Ballantyne C D Commander
2017 Balston D Captain
2015 Baker J Commander
1991 Band Sir Jonathon Admiral GCB DL
1981 Bannister A J Commodore CBE
2001 Barker D C K Commander
1989 Barritt M K Captain
1993 Bartholomew I M Commander
2009 Bassett D A Commodore
1970 Bathurst Sir Benjamin Admiral of the Fleet GCB DL
1982 Bawtree R M H Commander OBE
1989 Baxter G F Captain
2005 Beard H D Rear Admiral
2002 Beardall M J D Commodore
2008 Beattie P S Commodore
1996 Beaumont 1 H Captain
1988 Behets B T J Commander
2002 Bell A S Commodore
2003 Bellfield R J A Commodore
1972 Belton C P R Captain
1985 Benbow W K Captain
2008 Bence D E Commander
1993 Bennett A R C Commodore DSC
1998 Bennett P M Vice Admiral CB OBE
1999 Best R R Commodore OBE
1981 Best R T N Commander DL
2002 Betton A Rear Admiral OBE
2001 Bewick D Commander
1977 Bickley M Captain
1983 Billson G K Commodore
1965 Bird L A Captain MVO
2010 Bird R A J Commander
1979 Blackburn Sir Tom Vice Admiral CB KCVO
1980 Blackham Sir Jeremy Vice Admiral KCB
2008 Blackmore M S Commander
1974 Blair R N Captain CVO
2002 Blount K E Rear Admiral CB OBE
2000 Blunden J J F Captain LVO CBE
2008 Blythe P C Commander
2017 Bodman S Commander
1993 Boissier R P Vice Admiral CB
2000 Bone D N Commodore
1981 Bonner C E G Commander
1987 Booth P S Commander
2014 Borbone N Commander
2010 Bosshardt R G Commander
2018 Botterill H W S Commander
1986 Bourdillon M C Commander
2003 Bourne C M Commander
1996 Bourne R L Commander
2016 Bowden M Commander
2008 Bower A J Commander OBE
2006 Bower N S Commander
1991 Boxall-Hunt B P Commander OBE
1983 Boyce the Lord Admiral of the Fleet KG GCB OBE DL
1992 Bramley S Captain
1980 Branscombe P Commodore OBE
2003 Breckenridge I G Captain OBE
1982 Brice D J Commodore
2004 Bridger R J Commander
1980 Bridges R A Y Captain
2010 Bristowe P A Commander
1997 Brocklebank G P Captain
2008 Brooks G L Commander
2014 Brown A S Lt Commander
1978 Brown C D S Captain OBE
1992 Brown D F Commander LVO
1983 Brown E J Commander
1999 Brown H S Captain MBE
2006 Brown P A E Commander
1980 Browne R de F Captain
1988 Bryant B W Commodore CVO
1998 Bryning C J Commander
1979 Buchanan M E Commander
2004 Buckley P J A Captain
2002 Burke P D Commodore CBE
1987 Burnell-Nugent Sir James Admiral KCB CBE
2004 Burns A P Rear Admiral OBE
1977 Burns B Commodore CBE
2003 Burns D I Commodore
1989 Burston R J K Commander
2004 Burton A J Rear Admiral
1983 Bush M E W Commander OBE
1994 Butler N A M Captain
2012 Byron J D Commander DSC
1989 Bywater J Commander