The Royal Navy Club of 1765 and 1785 (United 1889)

A Registered Charity No. 248962

AIM TO SUPPORT NEEDY WIDOWS AND DEPENDANTS OF FORMER MEMBERS _________________________________________________

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The General Fund

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All surplus monies arising from the annual subscriptions and Balances in hand, (except the interest of the money now invested, or which may hereater be invested, to be appropriated according to Rule XII), shall be reserved for such purposes as the Committee may judge best, and that they may be enabled to meet all exigencies, to maintain the honour, and to ensure the respectability, comfort and conviviality of the Society. No transfer of balance from the General Fund to the Surplus Fund for the investment shall take place unless there remains a balance of at least £150 after such transfer.


General Fund - Financial Statements - Year ended 31 March 2019



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