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Founder's Day Dinner List -Thursday 7th February 2013

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 Admiral Sir Ian Forbes (Chairman)


Dr A Murrison MP
Admiral Sir Mark Stanhope
Admiral Sir G M Zambellas
Vice Admiral D G Steel
Vice Admiral P A Jones
Rear Admiral H H Parker 
Rear Admiral M J Parr                   (Committee member)
Miss E Cassidy
C Moore-Bick Esq
Commodore D Squire

Rule I:



Commander T A H Kirkwood
Lt Commander A C Spencer
Lt Commander E F Stack
Lt Cdr N R F Unwin

Rear Admiral D J Anthony
Commander S P Asquith
Admiral Sir Jonathan Band
Commodore A J Bannister
AF Sir Benjamin Bathurst
Captain M J D Beardall
Commander R T N Best
Commander B P Boxall-Hunt    (Committee Member)
Captain S Bramley
Captain G P Brocklebank   (Committee Member)
Captain C D S Brown
Admiral the Lord Boyce
Admiral Sir James Burnell-Nugent
Commander J D Byron
Rear Adm C H T Clayton    (Vice Chairman)
Rear Admiral R F Cobbold     (Trustee)
Captain J G F Cooke    (Chairman of Trustees)
Commander J E Cooke
Vice Admiral Sir David Dobson
Commander D J D Dominy
Vice Admiral Sir Anthony Dymock
Captain K N M Evans             (Committee Member)
Vice Admiral Sir Toby Frere
Commander J E Gardner
Admiral Sir Ian Garnett
Commander A C Gordon-Lennox    (Trustee)
Rear Admiral J H J Gower       (Committee Member)   
Captain W F G Griffin
Vice Admiral Sir Alan Grose
Captain J Hall                        (Secretary)
Commander K J Harris
Captain P J Haslam
Commander R S Hatcher   (Committee Member) 
Rear Admiral I R Henderson    (Trustee) 
Commodore F H Hiscock
Captain N I C Kettlewell
Commodore B J Key
Rear Admiral N S R Kilgour       (Trustee)     
Commodore S J N Kings      (Committee Member)  
Commodore J M L Kingwell   (Committee Member) 
Commander M B Knott 
Vice Admiral Sir Timothy Laurence
Admiral Sir Michael Layard
Rear Admiral G F Liardet
Captain D J Lilley
Commander A D Long
Commander A H Lorimer
Rear Admiral T M Lowe   (Committee Member) 
Vice Admiral Sir Fabion Malbon
Commodore M P Mansergh   (Committee Member) 
Vice Admiral J H S McAnally
Captain T F McBarnett
Vice Adm Sir Christopher Morgan
Commander R A Moss
Commander P N Olive     (Committee Member)
Commodore C L Palmer
Rear Admiral C J Parry
Captain J J Pearson
Captain A D E Pender-Cudlip
Commander J Penny
Rear Admiral B B Perowne
Commander M J Petheram   (Committee Member) 
Rear Admiral D L Potts    (Committee Member)
Captain A W Reed
Captain J A Rimington
Rear Admiral Sir Patrick Rowe
Admiral Sir Jock Slater
Admiral Sir Trevor Soar
Commander A M Stacey
Captain D M Swain
Rear Admiral R K Tarrant
Captain M J D Walliker
Admiral the Lord West
Rear Admiral S T Williams
Commander C Wood