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Chairman's Report - 2010

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Notwithstanding the reduced size of the officer corps, the membership is holding up well although the Committee is aware that there is no room for complacency. Currently it stands at around 890 and Committee members will continue to consider ideas on how new members might be encouraged to join. For example, I welcomed newly-promoted Commanders by email with an Application Form attached, and some have been invited to dine to experience the Club’s ethos. This seems to have achieved modest success.

The Club’s new website ( is established and displays virtually all the contents of the Blue Book. Following my note in the 2009 Report, and in the absence of a single request for a printed copy, the Blue Book will not be printed this year. I am most grateful to David Swain whose invaluable help contributed to setting up the new website.

The Committee decided to leave the dinner charges and subscription unchanged for at least another year. Both Surplus and General Funds are in good shape despite inflation and market turbulence. As you will see from the audit reports, accessible through the web site, a sum of £5,000 was transferred from the General Fund to the Surplus Fund to underpin our obligation to provide a Public Benefit.

Dinner attendance has been good, with 369 members and their guests dining during the year. This almost matched the 371 who dined in 2008/09. I am very grateful to George Zambellas who hosted an informal drinks party at Northwood. I would ask that when members are no longer able to dine, through infirmity, distance or inclination, they bear in mind that their modest subscriptions, through continued membership, help to support the Club’s charitable work.  Members are urged to report to the Secretary changes of address, especially email addresses, and deaths of members. His email address is

It has been an immense privilege to serve this ancient and venerable Club as Chairman and I am extremely grateful for the support of the Committee and the advice and contributions of its members. I am especially indebted to John Hall whose highly efficient support has been invaluable. I am sure that my successor, Admiral Sir Ian Forbes, will enjoy the company of Club members as much as I have.

Admiral Sir Ian Garnett